NorthRidge Housing Cooperative

Benefits of living in a co-op

Cooperative Principles

  • Democratic Control
  • Open membership
  • Economic participation
  • Independence
  • Cooperative education
  • Cooperation among Cooperatives



Co-ops meet members’ needs in ways that build lasting communities inside and outside each co-op.




Co-op Principles

Democratic Control

Members control their co-op. Together they set by-laws and policies, make decisions and elect leaders who report to them. Each member of a co-op has one vote. All members have an equal say in managing their co-op.



All agreements that co-ops sign with outside organizations or governments should leave the members in control of their co-op.


Open Membership

Co-op membership is open to everyone who needs the services of the co-op and who accepts the responsibilities of membership. The board of directors must not discriminate against anyone and must respect human rights.


Economic Participation

All members contribute fairly to the co-op which they own in common. Co-ops pay a limited return (if any) on money that people paid to become members. The co-op holds any surplus for the future or uses it to improve the co-op’s services.